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While our focus will be to get you the flight experience needed to become an Airline Pilot, there will be downtime over the course of your studies that will give you the chance to decompress and recharge.

We coordinate outings with our students, based on their interests, and then offer these trips for all of our students to join. In the past, this has included attendance at variety of events such as:

  • Local events such as air shows and boat shows
  • Sporting events such as professional Football, Hockey, and Basketball
  • Trips to a nearby movie theater and restaurants
  • Beach outings
  • Scuba trips to the Keys
  • Day trips to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios

We are always open to suggestions from our student body about other events that would interest them.


We want our students to devote their attention on training, so we take care of all the rest.

We’ll welcome you upon arrival, and give you a ride to your new home we’ve secured for you. You’ll be housed in a comfortable, completely furnished apartment within walking distance to North Perry airport, so you can easily get to and from classes. Plan on approximately $600 to $800 rent allowance per month when budgeting your training funds.

We also make sure you’re conveniently located near grocery stores, affordable restaurants, and shopping. This being said, many of our students opt to purchase a car for as little as $2,000, which will end up being considerably cheaper than taxis over the course of your studies. For international students, we will advise you about US requirements for car ownership, from titles to insurance coverage and everything in between.

Should you not elect to purchase a car and find that the public transportation schedule doesn’t align with your training times, we can arrange ride-sharing between you and our other students.

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