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Steps of a Pilot’s Career

The time from the day you apply to Pelican Flight Training to the day you will become an official Airline Pilot will be about two years. In that time, you will earn 1500 flight hours and obtain a wealth of knowledge that will set you on your way.

Step 1

Step 2

  • Register for classes
  • Begin your flight training and obtain your Private Pilot’s License

Step 3

  • Continue flight training and obtain your Instrument Rating
  • Private License –> Instrument Rating

Step 4

  • Learn to fly complex aircraft and obtain your Commercial Pilot’s License.
  • (Typically takes 8 months from Step 1 to completion of Step 4, with more than 250 hours of flight time.)

Instrument Rating –> Commercial License –> Certified Flight Instructor

Step 5

  • Begin the first stage as a Professional Pilot: you can tow banners or gliders (for example), or you can start as an official Flight Instructor.
  • Continue to learn, earn flight time, and keep you on the path to getting the 1500 hours of flight time that the major airlines are looking for.

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