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Our Team


Our management team has helped students from more than 80 countries become certified pilots and continue their careers as pilots with airlines all over the globe. Our job is simple: to make sure that you have all the resources you need to become one of the best pilots in the industry. Since 1984, we’ve helped U.S. citizens and International students achieve their dreams.


  • Anna Stepanova, Ph.D. - Chief Operating Officer / Academic Director
  • Vladimirs Karols - Chief Financial Officer / Quality Manager.
  • Robert Marden  - Director of Maintanance

THE board of management

  • Dr. Ivans Kuznecovs, sole and on behalf of RIA FD INTL LLC, Managing Member.
  • Michael Karol, Vice-President of Riga Aeronautical Institute
  • Thomas J. Palmieri Esq., Attorney at law

The Best of the Best - pelican chief training personal

Our staff is built around each member’s real-world experience in the aviation industry. Because of that, we always  train our instructors looking to increase their qualifications.

Combined, our managing staff boasts more than 200 years of aviation experience, including extensive trans-oceanic flights for major United States, Asian, and other international carriers. With this depth of experience, we’re able to maintain an industry-leading student-to-flight instructor ratio as well as a flawless safety record.

Capt E. RAY POSS, PFT Chief Flight Instructor

He jointed the Navy to be a Pilot after high school prom in 1960. More than 59 years in aviation, 21200+ hrs as a pilot, 4000+ hrs as CFI, both Airplanes and Helicopters. He trained US Army pilots for Viet Nam, served offshore Oil Platforms operations, flew for TV shows and legendary M*A*S*H, was Chief Pilot for the North Slope Search and Rescue, went on to train over 2000 Emergency Medical & Law Enforcement Pilots with Night Vision

Capt TOM OLSEN, Chief Ground School Instructor

A 53-year career as an Aviation Professional, with over 21,800 accident and violation free hours as a pilot. Over 11 years of operations management experience at positions of Chief Pilot or higher. 24 years of air carrier operations training experience, including 18 years as a flight and Simulator instructor and check airman in the L-188, DC-8, B-747 and MD-80.

GABRIEL RIBEIRO GARCIA, Assistant fixed wings



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