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Initial Training

Upon acceptance to Pelican Flight Training, our focus is to provide you with all of the experience you need to become an airline pilot as quickly as possible. The ultimate goal is to get you 1500 hours of flight time, the minimum required by major airlines.

The Beginning

Through our Professional Pilot Program, we will guide you through your flight training with an accelerated course of study. This starts with both classroom instruction as well as flight time. This immersive training schedule will teach you the fundamentals of flight, which includes topics such as aerodynamics, radio communications, navigation, and safety. The first goal will be to obtain your Instrument Rating.

Private License –> Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating

This is added to a Private or Commercial Pilot License and refers to the qualifications you need to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This rating will allow you to fly at night and in bad weather when you must rely on your instruments due to low visibility.

To get your IFR, you need 50 hours of flight time as the pilot in command. It is a complex endeavor that takes a high level of concentration and pro-active thinking. At Pelican Flight Training, this will include both instrument training on-the-ground as well as in-flight.

Managing adverse weather and visibility takes practice, and is one of the most important lessons our students learn. But at the end of your Instrument Rating training, you will have completed all the necessary coursework and flight time to earn your Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate as well as your Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.

Instrument Rating –> Commercial License –> Certified Flight Instructor

What Happens Next

This accelerated training program will set you up with all the skills you need to build upon your experience, and your flight time, so that you will be prepared to become a full-fledged Airline Pilot.

You will not only be qualified to pilot an airplane in all weather conditions and during all times of day, but you will also be certified to become a Flight Instructor. This will help you gain flight time even more quickly and burnish your resume even further.

What’s more, you’ll start getting paid for flying at this point, making you a professional pilot within eight months of making your first flight.

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