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Since the school opened its doors in 1985, we’ve led flight training programs that have stayed at the cutting edge of aviation science and technology. Our courses are custom tailored to fit our students’ needs, regardless of their flight status when they come to us. Whether you already have a license from a different country and need to convert your license to meet FAA standards for a career in the United States or are starting with zero flight hours, we have the courses you need to move your career forward.


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Who we are

Our instructors are either former high-ranking officers for major international carriers, former military pilots, navigators, holded positions such as ATC Specialist, B-747 Captain, and even President of other Aviation Universities and our m=former flight students. The courses of our Flight Training school are designed to deliver student-centered learning based on our instructors’ wide range of real-world professional expertise. We focus every aspect of our training to support, inspire, and provide the mentorship necessary for our students to achieve their career goals. Read More.

Who we are

Where we are

Who we are

This mission is also one of the reasons we chose to base our operations in South Florida; the moderate climate with consistent wind patterns makes the area one of the best places in the world to start your flight career, as we have more flying time and less waiting for weather to clear frustrations

We are a Fixed-Base operator out of North Perry Airport in Hollywood, link to airport page info : Florida which has four lit, paved runways (with the longest coming in at 3,350 feet/1,021 meters). This provides our students with multiple benefits. Logistically, we are equidistant between Miami International Airport (MIA), Opa-Locka International Airport (OPF) and Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL), giving our students easy access to our facility – no matter where they are coming from around the world.

Further, our location, combined with the fact that the winds are predominantly west-east or east-west, gives us consistently ample air space to operate in while also providing our students with invaluable experience operating in a major metropolitan area with multiple busy airports . In short, being here will make you a better pilot – in the best professional and climate environment in the world!

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