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You would like to become a pilot, but you are not aware of how exactly the journey to your goal should start?

Our enrollment personnel is always ready to assist you and ensure guidance through the entire process following all the required procedures no matter what kind of citizenship you have or how extensive your past professional flight experience is. Our main goal is to make you feel confident and support your decision to establish your career path in aviation. Our enrollment staff will help you to choose the training program suited to your needs. We will also help you to convert your rating or license.

To apply for admission at Pelican Flight Training, all applicants (international and domestic US citizens) must complete an online application. To begin, simply click on one of the appropriate buttons below.

Are you a citizen of the U.S. and want to start your flight training? ? Apply Now.

Nonimmigrant international students can apply for two types of visas to come to PFT: F-1 and M-1. We can help you to choose which visa will be the most suitable for your goals.! Learn more here.

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